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“Notes from a Journey… a stunning, perfect sounding album of Kristin Amarie whose inexhaustible talent is felt in each composition….”
—Serge Kozlovsky,"

“...Kristin Amarie is a skilled musician and her voice will leave you wondering if an angel might be missing from heaven after all...”
— Dana Wright,

“It is time for the world to discover this compellingly beautiful and exciting new voice! Open your hearts and ears for Kristin Amarie... a rising star!”

—David Lanz

“Kristin’s voice is truly astounding and can range from ethereal Enya-like incantations to powerful soaring vocalizations that reach to the heavens...”

—Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

“Kristin Amarie proves herself a vocal force to be reckoned with on this delightful showcase of her considerable talents.”

—Raj Manoharan

“Take note of this world traveler, for her seraphic voice will surely inspire your next musical journey.”

—R J Lannan,

“…a talent so rare and delightful that time literally stands still whilst listening to her.”

—Steve Sheppard,

“Amarie's voice is a thing of rare beauty – crystal clear, incredibly expressive, and heart-breakingly beautiful to hear, whether she is singing barely above a whisper or hitting an emotive crescendo.”

—B. Binkelman, ZMR/


Latest release “Adagio”
“I cannot remember hearing vocals this good for years. Adagio is a single that oozes class all the way, an absolute must for the true music lover”
—S. Sheppard

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